Hilaire Rehab & Nursing
Hilaire Rehab & Nursing

Touting a high staff-to-patient ratio, Hilaire Rehab & Nursing's skilled and compassionate nurses ensure the comfort and well-being of every resident. Limiting the facility size to 76 residents guarantees that the unique and highly individualized nature of care is not compromised. Nursing care and treatment is directed by Registered Nurses round the clock, under the direction of each resident's personal Physician.

At Hilaire Rehab & Nursing, medically fragile patients receive highly individualized attentive care. Their families are given the support they need throughout their loved one's stay and eventual return home. They are included in family meetings and discharge planning.

Our “Rapid Start of Care” program allows for a unified continuum of care to ensure that patients receive the necessary therapy and optimal treatment from the moment they are admitted.

Hilaire Rehab & Nursing, renowned for treating residents with dignity and respect, has a rich tradition of caring that extends back for more than half a century.

The stately mansion, formerly home to noted artist George Grosz, is one of Long Island’s hidden jewels. Here, amidst exquisitely decorated private and semi-private quarters and lush gardens, patients receive the care they need and convalesce in a unique, intimate setting.