Hilaire Rehabilitation and Nursing

To the entire Hilaire Family,

Our residents and staff remain appreciative of your ongoing support and prayers during this challenging time. Here at Hilaire we have been fortunate to be the recipient of much love and encouragement from families and the community alike. You should know that our hardworking staff are doing everything within their power to provide the best care to your loved ones. We are sparing no effort or resources at our disposal to ensure the safety of those entrusted to our care.

We are doing all we can to balance our staff and resources to provide optimal care, communication, and compliance. In the past, we've informed you of new positive cases at Hilaire. This week one resident's routine scheduled covid tests came back positive and 3 of our staff members have recently tested positive, all appropriate measures and guidance have been followed to ensure resident safety. Of course, each family is notified individually of covid-19 results, and any other change in a loved one's condition. Our staff is doing everything possible to provide physical and emotional care to your loved ones.

-Hilaire Rehab

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