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Dear Stephanie:

My family would like you to know how blessed we feel that Mom (Ann Lettieri) resided at Hilaire these past three and a half years. Not only did she receive excellent medical care; but what makes Hilaire a special place is the staff and the whole atmosphere. From the doctors, the nurses and aides to the recreation staff, we always felt truly blessed that she was there.

There are certain people that were especially loving…. Keena, Mary, Julia and Daydrea as well as Amy and Erin.. A special thanks to John Grauer who always saw to Mom’s special needs.

We would recommend Hilaire Rehab and Nursing to anyone in need of a loving and excellent place to reside. We, the Lettieri family, relatives and friends have been enriched by experiencing the love and care you gave to Mom.

May God bless all of you in your wonderful work.

The Lettieri Family
Annette Daly, Gloria Capuano and Matthew Lettieri


Dear All:

I have always said I could never put my mom in a nursing home because I always visited other nursing homes in the past and it left a very bad taste in my mouth. When it was suggested my mom be put in a nursing home, I must say that I was very anxious about it and uncomfortable for quite a while.

I evaluated two other facilities, and luckily, my daughter was in the health care field and recommended this place. I am glad I made this choice. I am very peaceful and happy with it because I see the wonderful care my mom and others are receiving.

I cannot compliment all the workers enough. For starters, the young ladies in the office are extremely accommodating and really make an effort to help with anything that I need. Second, the wonderful nursing staff on the 2nd floor are accessible and are always smiling and will always answer my questions or find out if they don’t know. Third, I have the very deepest respect for the aides that work there. The care, devotion, and attention are excellent. I know and see how hard they all work. I come at all different times and the nurses are always attentive and quite wonderful. Fourth, the wonderful people in the recreation department are to be commended. I see these people putting their hearts and soul into their jobs. And last, your wonderful social worker who is so alert and aware of all that goes on and tries so hard to help the families. I must tell you I am very proud to bring members of my family and friends to see my mom.

Thank you for giving me peace of mind. I appreciate you all.

Dear Staff,

Thank you for looking after our Dad for the last three years. He often commented on how nice everyone here was to him, and he and we really appreciated that kindness.

All of you went the extra mile for him, and I hope all your patience and dedication comes back to bless each of you.

It can’t be easy to do what you do. Your work is much more of a calling than a job.

Thank you for doing the work we couldn’t.

Dear Ms. Maloney,

I was recently a patient at Hilaire for a period of about four weeks. During that time I was cared for primarily by Tish Davis and Mary Gonzalez.

I am writing to tell you with pleasure, that these two ladies were wonderful to me. They treated me with devoted care and attention. They helped in every way imaginable. They are truly professional in the way they go about their duties.

Please make record of these in their personnel folders.

Thank you for your kind consideration.

Hi Everybody,

I can’t say I miss being there but I do miss all your smiling faces. Thank you very much for your help and patience. You were all wonderful.

My husband is doing great . . .He has mastered going up and down the stairs, dressing himself and showering (except for scrubbing his back), tomorrow it’s walking with the cane.

I promise that as soon as he is walking on his own, we will be in to see all of you.

Thanks again.